How to delete a Facebook account permanently.

Hitesh-Thakur Thursday, 11-Jan-2018

Deleting your Facebook account is a serious decision, so make sure it is definitely the right decision for you. If you think you'll not use Facebook again , then you can delete your account permanetly. There are plenty of reasons to delete a facebook account, most common reasons are having more than one accounts or getting too much notifications from your friends. Whatever the reason is, If you've had enough and want to get rid from your account, you have two options: Deactivate or Delete. By deactivating, your profile disappears from the facebook and data in your account remains saved in facebook's database and anytime you can reactivate your account. By deleting, your data is removed permanently and you will not be able to retrieve any of the content or information you have added. So choice is your's decide yourself 😉 what you want to do. All of us know that how to deactivate a facebook account, so let's get started with how to delete a facebook account😄.

4 Steps to delete a facebook account:

Step 1
Click here to open the Delete Account page.
Step 2
After clicking you will be asked to Delete your account, click on Delete My Account.

Step 3
Now, a dialogue box will appear to asking you enter your password and captcha code. After filling the password and captcha click on OK button.

Step 4
Now your account has been deactivated and it will be deleted permanently after 14 days. If you log into your account within next 14 days, you will have the choice to cancel your request. Click on OK to finish the process.

If you decided to change your decision within 14 days then you can log in again. After that click on Cancel Deletion.