Smart-phones light Damaging our body, how to be safe?

Hitesh-Thakur Sunday, 4-Feb-2018

Smart-phone, the important part of our life. We even don't like to go anywhere without it but did you know, using your smart-phone before heading to bed can delay reaching the deep stages of sleep. This effect seems to be caused by blue light.

What is blue light?

Sunlight contains two types of rays: visible light rays or invisible light (ultraviolet UV) rays. Human eye is sensative to visible light only. Visible light contains red, orange, yellow, green and blue light rays and many shades of each of these colors. These different color rays have different wavelength.

Blue light has very short wavelength, thus it produces higher amount of energy in the visible light spectrum. Actually Blue light is everywhere our body uses blue light from the sun to regulate our natural sleep and wake cycles. Blue wavelengths is benificial during the day hours because they boost our attention and it keeps us awake and alert, but it seem to be the most disruptive at night.

How blue light affect us?

Normally, the pineal gland in the brain begins to release melatonin hormone (which is responsible for maintaining our sleep cycle) a couple of hours before bedtime. When we start using a blue light emitting device like cell phone in the evening or night it takes us longer to fall asleep.

Because our eyes emits the blue light from these electronic devices and eyes sends signal to the brain that it is day time, due to this pineal gland becomes unable to release the melatonin hormone properly. When we use a cell phone for couple of hours in night, and when we wake up even many hours of shuteye we feel sleepier and tired (simply not feeling well or functioning well during the day are common notable fact). So like this, Deficiency of melatonin hormone for a long time increase the risk of eye disorders, cancer, heart disease, depression, diabetes.

How to be safe?

There are lots of applications (like Blue Light Filter-Night Mode,Eye Care) available for reducing the amount of blue light from your phone-pc screen.
You can try those applications, these applications generally add the reddish color effect plus dim the screen light. If you don't want to download such a application you can simply turn on the night shift mode of your phone if available.