Get upcoming features in your Android Apps before they're officialy released to the general public.

Hitesh-Thakur Monday, 8-Jan-2018

Some developers make new features available before they're officialy released to the general public, for getting the users feedback. You can try these new features by joining the beta program.The beta version may have features that are not available in the public version yet. Beta testing is the last stage of the testing and and is performed by the end user. After this testing if the developers gets the positive feedback from the end users then the features are generally released into the general public. Developers have expectations that their app is performing well and satisfying the users. So by giving the users a chance to check for an app's functionality, reliability, usability and compatibility, developers are giving themselves a self assurance that the app is going to be a success. Follow these five simple steps to join the beta testing program on Google Playstotre.

5 Steps to become a beta tester:

Step 1
Open the Play Store and search for the app in which you want to join the beta program (In this article I have searched for Instagram). Once you find the app, scroll down and find the section named Become a beta tester. Click on the I'M IN button to become a beta tester for this app. If there is no such a section, then it means your chosen app doesn't allow users to join Beta Program.

Step 2
When you click on I'M IN button a conformation message will appear then click on JOIN button.

Step 3
Give some time to the app, to signup in you into its beta testing programme. If you want to cancel this procedure feel free to hit the LEAVE button and stop the process.

Step 4
Now go the top of the page and here you can see that beta signup in progress, it takes a few minutes.You can wait here or may also return here after few minutes for updating the app.

Step 5
When you get entered into the app beta testing programme, a message will appear on screen saying that You're a beta tester for this app.Awesome! .You can now update beta version of the app to getting some new features if available .At this time Instagram beta update is not available but when the update comes beta tester gets the latest features firstly after that they are served into the general public.

Note: If you want to leave the beta version of the app simply open the app in Playstore and go down to the bottom of page, click on leave button after some mintues uninstall the app and then reinstall.